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2012 is already over? It felt like it barely started. Man, time flies when you get older.

Anyway, 2012 was a HUGE year for me on a personal level. I got married! Also moved out of my parents' house and all that jazz. 2012 also marked the year I saw print! The HVZA graphic novel was conceived and delivered in the fall; in which I was the art director, cover artist, and one of the contributing sequential artists.

2012 saw all this activity, but not a ton of art...on here. I've become much more active on Facebook and to a lesser extent, Twitter, by posting in-progress shots on my Art Page and some work not posted here. Harkening back a few posts ago, it's not that I'm leaving dA; my activity energies might divert to different places in 2013. I do envision dA being more of a finished work gallery over posting everything that I do. As well, I will keep everyone in the loop with projects and appearances- but the majority of my activity will be on my Facebook Page (  and Twitter (NickMockoviak).........for now.

So, what does 2013 have on tap for myself?

Truthfully, I don't know. I like to keep it that way to a degree. I have ideas of what I am doing, what I would like to do, and such. I will share some of these aspirations with you.

- Very soon, I will be working on another graphic novel, serving as art director.
- Get into the habit of creating something on a daily bases; even for 15 minutes.
- Get myself a website!
- Go through my old sketchbooks and breathe some life into dormant ideas.
- Develop my own IPs.

Now, I can be very broad and state "I want to be a better artist, lose weight, bladdy bladdy bladdy", but those are all general statements that to me, are very wishy-washy. We all want to be better artists, or have better health, or earn more money. It's how we go about those goals that will determine our success or shortcomings.

Be good y'all!!

BoboSan16 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I wish you loads of luck! You have awesome artwork and your ideas above are really good ones! ^^ I need to start doing some things like that :3 2012 has gone by pretty fast.. I hope you have a happy married life ^^ Congratulations!
NickMockoviak Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much my friend. Here's to a great 2013!
BoboSan16 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
You're welcome ^^ And yes, I hope it's great!
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Submitted on
December 28, 2012